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Thread: Yay, SC! I'm sure it will go over well here

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    dont worry andey...luke got a new mod apparently.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by hp-hobo View Post
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    Being that it is about an elected official, and one that is directly involved in the passing (or shutting down) of gun legislation, I would consider this thread to be firearms related. Especially considering now that he's sworn in he's got S.308 sitting in front of him now.
    Well, your response is so full of fail (as the young folks would say) that I'm not even sure where to begin.

    1. Rep Mark Sanford has assumed Sen Tim Scott's vacated seat. As a Representative, Sanford is elected to the House. All House bills start with the letter H. That being said, S.308 was in fact introduced to the House on 4/24. Of course, on the 25th is was referred to the Judiciary committee which Sanford is not a member of because...

    2. S.308 is a bill before the South Carolina Legislature. Unfortunately for your argument, Mr Sanford is a member of the United States House of Representatives, not the South Carolina House of Representatives. That means that he has essentially zero to do with any bill currently before the Legislature in South Carolina.

    3. Of course there is the possibility that you think Mr Sanford is involved with S.308 at the federal level. This is not the case because S.308 is a Senate bill, not a House bill (see #1). Additionally, even if he was somehow involved with the federal S.308, the title of the bill is "Protecting and Preserving Social Security Act". As the title may (or may not) signal to you this bill is not in any way firearms related.


    Exactly how is it again that you justify, with facts, that this thread is in some way firearms related? Please be very specific because I can't get there from here.

    1) Given that my post was not intended to be specifically about SC S.308, and more about the fact that ANY House rep whether it be SC or US is who votes on firearms legislation then it is pertinent to firearms talk.

    2) Yes, I was confused about which House Rep Sanford was in, but the main reason for that was because all the headlines talked about Sanford's "come-back". To me, a US House member would be more prestigious than a governor, so I assumed it to be the state house. Seems to me he passed the "come-back" phase.

    3) I'm only numbering like this to show how obnoxious your post was to bash my post. I wasn't trying to make you out to be an idiot, so I'm not sure why you felt that's what you needed to do to myself and to the OP. Sounds to me like you need to grow up!

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