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Thread: How long does it take for SLED to issue the CWP?

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    Sorry to hear you're getting screwed like that. If it were me, I'd be on the phone several times a day with them.

    I know it's just a dream, but here is how they handle rogue bureaucrats who don't follow the law in a state with an effective gun lobby.

    Gun rights group backs court action against Petersburg official - - Richmond, VA News


    A Petersburg man is taking the city's Circuit Court Clerk to the Virginia Supreme Court over how gun permits are handled.

    Petersburg Circuit Court Clerk Shalva Braxton is accused of mishandling gun permits, and one man says he's being forced to jump through hoops to
    carry his own gun.

    Michael McNeill proudly flies his "Don't Tread on Me" flag as he fights Petersburg's Circuit Court Clerk to carry his concealed handgun. The Virginia
    Citizens Defense League backs McNeill and says it's trying to change how Braxton issues gun permits.

    In a petition for to the Virginia Supreme Court, McNeill writes he was not allowed to renew his concealed handgun permit through the mail. Instead,
    Braxton asked for him to take his application to the Petersburg Police Department for a background check. Then, he was asked to bring the application
    to the Circuit Court's office.

    McNeill asserts the requests are a violation of Virginia law. According to Virginia statute 18.2-308, a person "shall not be required to appear in
    person... and an application may be submitted via the United States mail." The background check section of the Petersburg concealed handgun
    application does not state if applicants need to bring the document to police in person.

    Braxton's lawyers contend it's not a big deal for McNeill to go to the police department. But McNeill asserts, the extra legwork is Braxton's job,
    and his permit is being held up by bureaucracy.

    A court date for the matter has not yet been determined.
    Usually when one of these circuit court flunkies get a phone call from VCDL, they decide to correct their behavior before getting taken to court. After this story, Shavla Braxton decided to do her job and start issuing CHP's in accordance with the law.

    After VCDL had a petition for a Writ of Mandamus issued against her, I have just received word that the Circuit Court Clerk of Petersburg, Ms. Braxton, has sent a letter to our attorney indicating that she is going to follow Virginia law on issuing CHPs! She will now be accepting renewals through the mail and will ask for only one check for $50 total.

    Looks like Ms. Braxton's legal council told her that she was going to lose when the Virginia Supreme Court ruled on the case.

    I can't believe it went this far, quite frankly. But we fixed the problem.


    VCDL is now waiting to see if member Michael McNeill, who has reapplied for his CHP via the mail, gets his permit issued.

    If you are a Petersburg CHP holder, or know one, keep us posted as to how your renewals through the mail are processed.

  3. It is still within the range of normalcy (for now), but thanks for your anger on my behalf. If it hits 105 days I will be on the phone with them very frequently.

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    Oh sorry. I thought you said it was 96 days. No anger here... that get's one put on a list.

    Anyway, in case anyone wants to burn up Chief Mark Keel's fax machine. --> South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

  5. Thanks. I am actually at 97 days as of today, but from what I'm reading online it's not unusually long quite yet...I'm going to give it until 105-110 until I start making calls. It's funny though...the first 90 days the wait didn't really bother me. But man, the prospect of 3 more weeks is almost unbearable.

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    Since they have to issue it 90 days after they receive it (by law), 97 days seems long to me. Sorry they are dragging you out like that.

    Some day, this unnecessary and arbitrary waiting period they have built into the system is going to cost someone their life. I hope by the time my permission slip expires, we have this fixed.

  7. My Feb 2nd class finally came in 6/5/13. Some in the same class got them 2 weeks ahead of me. SLED needs to tight up and get these processed within a reasonable time. pushing 4 months is too long. My Utah came in quicker than SC's.

  8. I called SLED today to check and they let me know my application was approved today. Hope to have permit in hand (and gun on belt) by the end of the week.

  9. Does anyone happen to know how long it takes for the permit to be mailed once it has been approved? I called Tuesday and was told it got ok'd that morning. Today is Saturday and still nada.

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    How many days are you at now?

  11. 106 days as of 6-15

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