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    So I know a lot of us probably get in debates on a daily basis about this bill because everyone seems to think it allows you to drink while carrying. Well I was "discussing" the issue with a co-worker today and I randomly thought of this analogy:

    While we were sitting there I googled the census bureau's death rate by car accidents and they were almost double that of deaths by guns. So I said "yet I don't hear a single politician arguing for more stringent licensing processes or slower cars." But then he accused me of getting off topic and that the argument was about alcohol in the mix. So that's when it hit me...I said "ok, so right now you cannot drive while intoxicated. Well guess what...you cannot legally fire a weapon while intoxicated either (unless self defense). Further, you can drive to a restaurant, go to the bar and get drunk and you haven't broken a law until you get back in the car. But with our current gun laws, it would be like saying that you cannot enter a restaurant that serves alcohol if you drove to that restaurant. With the new laws, it would loosen it up a little by saying that you could enter if you drove there, you just couldn't drink. But our laws on driving aren't even that strict. They're way more lenient than gun laws yet they're killing people at almost twice the rate." Now he wouldn't admit it to my face, but I could tell by his attitude and by his silence that it gave him some new perspective on the issue.

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    Trying to apply common sense?

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    Trying to apply common sense?
    I know I know, that word doesn't exist I a politician's vocabulary. But that doesn't mean I can't try and teach...

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