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    Bloomberg Antigun Tour

    Bloomberg's antigun bus is making the rounds. It's making a stop at Virginia Tech where it's trying to drum up a sympathetic crowd. They are trying to keep a lid on it so only anti-gunners know about it. It's kinda tough with the internet A little bird has told me that there might be a few gun owners openly carrying meandering around their little BS fest.

    If any of you college types hear of any activity in SC, it might be worth dropping a dime here so we can have some folks to do some "observation" of their little get down.

    If you have contacts in other colleges, let's see if they hear anything. There is nothing better that seeing an anti-gun love-in where they are outnumbered by gun owners. It makes for great photos

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    I really wish people would stop taking this little twerp seriously. If it wasn't for his money, nobody would even take notice of him.

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    As expected, VCDL showed up to tell the tyrant from NY he wasn't welcome. Of course, he never shows up himself. Blog

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