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    Well I'm not sure how many of you guys are from or near the Anderson area, but I was in a local pawn shop today and couldn't believe my eyes. The name of the shop is B&B Pawn and they're supposed to be one of the more upscale pawn shops/outdoor stores in town since they carry about as much new merchandise as they do used merchandise. I hadn't been in there in quite some time and I just got bored today and decide to ride to all the shops and see what kinda ammo deals I could find. I hadn't even thought about this place for a long time and thought maybe everyone else was the same way, so I was hoping I'd get lucky and score. Well was I in for a treat when I walked in. Here's the biggest things that jumped out at me:

    20 round box of TulAmmo .223 that sells for $5.99 at Academy Sports...............$29.95/box!!!!!
    50 round box of American Eagle .40S&W that sells for $20.99-$22.99.................$39.95/box!!!!!
    50 round box of cheap 9mm FMJ that should be about $12-16..........................$35.99/box!!!!!
    Taurus Millenium Pro G2 9mm that has an MSRP of $349..................................$489.99!!!!! !

    These guys are raping the hell out of people, so I just thought we should start a thread to call all these guys out and let them know that they have officially lost our business.

  3. The online companies have been doing it since they got ammo back in stock. The Cabela's near me has had a small increase, but not like those prices.

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    Supply and demand. If they are getting that money, more power to them. There are other places to buy it cheaper, maybe not as easily accessible.

    Whose to say what the real cost of ammo Maybe it is more expensive, maybe they're overcharging.

    I hate it that I didn't buy more I really need more;)

    I don't think a place should be blacklisted because of their prices. Did they have a 'No Concealed Carry' sign on their door?

    If not, I probably won't buy ammo from them but I would go in there because they may have other things that might have a good price.

    If all their prices are too high, I won't buy anything and I'm sure they will put themselves out of business if everyone thinks they are too high.

    Just my thoughts. Blacklisting should be used for 'special' people. Besides, I've never been in any pawn shop I didn't think they were asking too much, while knowing all the while that most prices in a pawnshop are negotiable.


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