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    Not a SC resident, but live in NC, 10 miles from N Myrtle Beach. My favorite restaurants are in SC, and it's frustrating to have to disarm when I go to one of my favorites in the Myrtle Beach area when I don't have to 10 miles away. Oh Well.

  3. Will the bill be put on the table again in January?

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  4. What it is going to take will be hard. It will take money, lots of money and money funneled with a direct purpose by a dedicated organization to those districts where those fools reign to dethrone them. It can be done but it won't be easy and I haven't seen anything like that set up anywhere. Those jackasses don't won't their districts at large to know the things they pull or how they do it. Some concentrated door to door knocking and commercials showing what they actually said could work wonders. Not to mention eagle eyes at the voting stations. Wouldn't hurt to see what kind of dirt is just under their fingernails either.

    And that goes for the RINOs too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hillking2010 View Post
    Will the bill be put on the table again in January?

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    The bill never left the table (so to speak) its in the exact same spot as before the break.

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    According to Palmetto Gun Rights the bill will be one of the first ones addressed when legislature reconvenes. Hopefully we have seen the last of all the stupid amendments that slowed the bill as well as pro gun amendments added (constitutional carry) that derailed the bill.

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    I suspect it will be the same game as last year with some of our "So-called called Supporters" refusing to accept a compromise... There are those among us that cannot accept a piece of the cake they insist on the entire cake.

    Every negotiators understands you cannot win ever concession at once. You take little bites and go back for more...We should have supported the hour restrictions to get this law passed. After a year we could show there were no shootouts in restaurants and go back to remove this restriction.... Yes I'd love to see carry without a permit but you and I both know our government is not going to give up that power, unless a lot of us become elected and work to remove these draconian laws.
    Folks ask why I carry two guns...Well if I did not I'd be off balance and walk in circles!

  8. It shouldn't be this hard to pass such a common sense bill, especially when so many other states have done so, including NC.

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  9. Bill has been sitting since Feb 2013. Unacceptable.

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    I often wonder what happens when some months a restaurant makes more than 51% from alcohol and other months it makes 49%. If arrested can one subpoena the restaurant's financials as part of their defense? What happens if it posts a sign but in a given month doesn't make the quota. Very bad system.

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    Would like to know a date when this is going to be discussed on the floor again. Unfortunately, my "senator," Thomac McElveen, is one of those that is strongly opposed to it. I can't sway him.

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