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  1. Moving to SC from Ohio

    Hello everyone, new to the forum, did a quick search but couldn't find anything on this. Looking for some information on getting my South Carolina CCW. I currently have a valid Ohio CCW and am moving to SC in a few weeks. As far as I know as soon as I change my residency my Ohio CCW is no longer valid, so...

    Is there an kind of way for me to "transfer" my CCW (of course after paperwork/fees)? When I did my required 12hr NRA class in Ohio it was required to say on it that it had met Ohio law, does SC require anything like that or can I use that same certificate? (It was within the past year). Any info, links, or advice would definitely help as the laws are a little hard to navigate.


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    Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "transfer." You will need to apply for a new permit in SC. Some of your training may qualify toward the SC training requirements, if taken within the past 3 years.

    I would recommend this site as a starting point, then visit the referenced links for additional information on applying:

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    But also note that if you are an NRA instructor, currently in the military, or meet one of several other criteria, you do NOT need additional training. The link I provided covers all of that information.

  5. Everything you need is on this site.

    South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

  6. Thanks for the info, that's what I was wondering/trying to find. I knew some states such as Kentucky basically allow you to surrender your card from a different state then with a new background and fees (of course) they give you a kentucky, didn't know if SC did that. Oh well at least it's an excuse to talk guns and throw some lead down range. Thanks again for the help.

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