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    KY resident visiting SC

    I will be going to Myrtle Beach this July and I'm prepping research on the state law differences. The biggest ones I see are there's no open carry like we have here in KY, and also apparently gun signs carry the weight of the law unlike here in Kentucky they're basically meaningless.

    Are there any important things to know that I might not catch myself? I will probably be pocket carrying my M&P Shield in a talon holster.

    I guess I won't be carrying at the beach unless I get a dry bag for my pocket.... Any advice here?

  3. No problems here. SC honors your Concealed Weapons Permit. Keep it concealed, besides open carry is a piss poor idea. Legal signs have to be 8" x 12" with a 7" circle with a gun crossed out in it and one inch black and white block letters stating "No Concealed Weapons Allowed". You will see smaller (6x6?) orange and yellow signs that were sent out by the Chamber of Commerce but they have no force of law what so ever. You can carry concealed in a restaurant that serves alcohol but you may not drink. If you are taking a gun to the beach, put in in a plastic refrigerator bag and put that in you beach bag. Have fun.

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