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    I just ran the numbers... counting only weekdays (business days) but also counting holidays, your permit arrived in 77 days from the date SLED received it. So, if you figure in or out Chrismas day, new years and thanksgiving and probably a few other government sponsored days off... your permit arrived in something like 70 days!

    this is how I projected getting mine a few years back: I was told it would take pretty dern near 90 or 95 days from date of mailing to getting it. I counting out only weekdays and deducted holidays and figured out what week that would be to be on the look out... it really came out to close to 4 months away.... the dern thing arrived two weeks early from my first projected date and I was happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Enfield View Post
    My permit arrived today, dated January 6, 2009. That puts it at 105 days from the time SLED received my application to the time they issued the permit, and 114 days from the time I took the class to the time I actually received a permit.
    Congratulations! Have you begun carrying yet? How does it feel?
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    I guess I am looking at April?

    It took a week and a day to get my return receipt card back to me from Columbia to Spartanburg, 100 miles. Looking at the good side, I have not had my fingerprint card returned to me, ...yet. My buddy sent his Wife’s, Daughter’s and His off in one package and he has already had it returned. He was told to have all three redone. The person that did it is a very well known retired policeman that has done printing many times. At least someone is working on them, right?

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    Talking about reviving old threads.

    Welcome to the forum rc4stroker.

    I think you can still expect your permit in 90days; although I have heard it taking up to 120 days for some. SLED definitely doesn't believe in "early" issuance; AND they have been overwhelmed since November 2008.

    BTW; Mine took "exactly" 90 days from the day I sent off my application.

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    Wow I feel lucky, I mailed mine on OCT 29th, It was Recieved by SLED OCT 30th and I had it in my hands JAN21st so less than abour 83 days total for me

    Congrats tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlh2003 View Post
    Wow I feel lucky, I mailed mine on OCT 29th, It was Recieved by SLED OCT 30th and I had it in my hands JAN21st so less than abour 83 days total for me

    Congrats tho
    My son just got his in the mail on the 3rd and it was mailed I believe on Nov 2. So around 93 days for processing.
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    Good, Carry on, Carry Safe
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    I do not understand why it takes 30 days to process a carry permit application, let alone 90 days. We have the NICS system in place so that background checks can be performed in an efficient and timely manor. Obviously this type of timeframe is NOT required to conduct background checks. If the DMV can process driver's licences in less than two hours, why does SLED take so long?

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    Not only do they check NCIC but also run you through Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS). Once that's completed a query goes to your SO in the County you reside, they have 20 days to respond. A non response signifies that they are OK with your application. Please also know that once your prints are submitted to the IAFIS you are now permanently on record.
    I see 45-60 days max but then again I'm not a Gov't employee. With all the budget cuts, I can see 90 days. Mine took me over 130 Days. Class was Sept 19th, instructor sent the in the 21st, rec'd my permit Feb 2nd.

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