SC CWP: 103 days and counting
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Thread: SC CWP: 103 days and counting

  1. SC CWP: 103 days and counting

    Hello all,

    To make a long story short, I am a SC resident. I completed my CWP class in September, and have verified with SLED that my information was received on September 22, 2008. Today is January 5, 2009, and I still have not received my CWP.

    My first attempt at contacting SLED revealed that while their general office was open, the CWP office and telephone number were closed for the holidays--for a full week. I guess my application fee isn't good enough reason for them to stay open. When I called again, I was simply given a generic answer that the department had experienced budget cuts, was overworked (except for that one week they were closed...), etc., and that permits were taking over 90 days to process. I asked, but was not given a time frame in which to expect my permit.

    I really don't know what to do. I know of others who have taken the course as recently as October and have already received their permits. Other than today, I haven't even had a traffic ticket (even then it didn't take points off my license) since then. I have purchased firearms and the NICS check always clears within ten minutes.

    I don't know who to contact, or how to go about doing so. Isn't it technically illegal for them to have not issued a permit (or turned me down, for that matter) after 90 days?

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Do they have any way of knowing if your particular permit has been sent off in the mail yet? And if so, is it possible that your permit was lost in the mail?
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    I would contact my various state reps on the phone and tell them the problem. It seems that SLED is actually admitting they are violating the law. They have 90 days to either issue you the permit or not... that is what the law says. I bet if the right folks call the right folks at SLED it will get fixed.

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    Face the fact that they have employees that have erned time off, and they are taking it. It is part of their benifits package ... such that it is. Your timing just happened to put you into the holidays...

    However if State Law says 90 days ... I would ***** and call, and gripe ... and show my rear I guess...
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    The wording of the law is a litle vague here as it says that they have 90 days to deny your permit but doesn't really say that they have to issue it in 90 days. As for the closing during the week of Christmas many agencies have used that time or other times to close without paying their employees. In my case we will close the week of Spring Break and employees will not get paid for that week.

    It took exactly 60 days for my permit but I have heard of many taking the full 90 days. However I have not heard of any taking longer than that. 103 days does seem excessive to me even with the holidays especially if your record is clean and no problems with your application.

    (C) SLED shall issue a written statement to an unqualified applicant specifying its reasons for denying the application within ninety days from the date the application was received; otherwise, SLED shall issue a concealable weapon permit. If an applicant is unable to comply with the provisions of Section 23-31-210(4), SLED shall offer the applicant a handgun training course that satisfies the requirements of Section 23-31-210(4)(a). The course shall cost fifty dollars. SLED shall use the proceeds to defray the training course's operating costs. If a permit is granted by operation of law because an applicant was not notified of a denial within the ninety-day notification period, the permit may be revoked upon written notification from SLED that sufficient grounds exist for revocation or initial denial.

  7. Called again today, and was informed that my permit has been processed and was approved yesterday. The woman I spoke with said I should have it in a couple of weeks. I'm really hoping she meant days, not weeks as it seems absurd for them to 'ok' it and then wait half a month to mail the damn thing.

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    Again, I'd call my elected rep down in Cola and let them know and request they do something about it...

    I don't think "having up to 90 days to deny" is vague it just means that they can issue the permit in less than 90 days.... they can issue it in 1 day if they want but they have 90 to not. And it has always been assumed this is business days which doesn't include weekends or holidays. But did all of the sc gov or specifically Sled offices take the whole week off for Christmas? I doubt it. Using the point that "they were off for a week" means that SLED could just say well the person doing the permits has gone on maternity leave and will be back in 7-12 months to take care of it.....
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  9. Never let it be said that South Carolina gets in a rush to do anything. I took my cwp on Oct 14th, so I guess I'll have to wait another month or so. Such is our bureaucracy.

    To cite a similar agency, the Corp of Engineers shut down some ramps earlier this year, due to budget cuts. A friend called to find out why, since the ramps aren't manned. They said they have to empty the trash can located at the ramp once a week, and they didn't have the manpower. HE told them he'd empty the can, in an effort to keep his ramp open. They told him he wasn't qualified to empty the trash!!!LOL.

  10. My permit arrived today, dated January 6, 2009. That puts it at 105 days from the time SLED received my application to the time they issued the permit, and 114 days from the time I took the class to the time I actually received a permit.

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    Congratulations, Lee! Glad you finally got it.
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