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  1. Carrying in National Parks visitor center..

    I went to Congaree National Park today. While there, first place I stopped was the visitors center. On the front door was a no weapons permitted sign, albeit wrong size etc, but one nonetheless. I decided to leave and not enter, as the trails are more important than inside there. But, I was under the impression if you have a concealed carry permit in this state, you are good on all federal , state?, parks.

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    You may carry in national parks, but not any of the buildings. They are considered "federal buildings".

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    You may carry in national parks, but not any of the buildings. They are considered "federal buildings".
    Thanks, They wrote me back. I just assumed, that a parks visitor center isnt considered a federal bldg, even though it clearly is..
    "In regards to your questions, persons who are have a legal permit issued by the State Law Enforcement Division of South Carolina are permitted to carry a concealed weapon (defined by S.C. Law Section 23-31-210 as a firearm having a length of less than 12 inches that can be carried in a manner hidden from public view under normal clothing) under the conditions set forth in the permit. However, according to 18 USC (United States Code) Subsection 930, the possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in Federal Facilities is prohibited, and as such, it is to be clearly marked by a sign like the one you saw on the door to the visitor center, which is a designated federal facility. Pocket knives with a blade of under 2 1/2 inches do not fall under this category, and are therefore permitted. So while you are permitted to carry your firearm on park trails, it is not permitted due to federal law in our visitor center."

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    You can carry on park trails but not in the visitors Makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine...

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    You also cannot carry on federal land administered by the Army Corp of Engineers, except during hunting season and only while you are actually hunting.

  7. Nor can you carry in a Post Office, or even leave your firearm in your car while parked in a Post Office Parking Lot.

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