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    If you were to be involved in a justified self-defense shooting in SC, what lawyer would you call?

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    This might be a good place to start. They advertise here.

    Protect Your Rights: American Self-Defense Institute
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    good question, maybe we could start a thread of active and interested Lawyers. Other state forums have them, ... provided there are enough to post
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    Good question, tagged for any responses

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    Personally, if I did not have a lawyer already to trust at least for advice on

    who to consult, then I would shop around. I probably would check the ones that advertize this... but would not commit to one until I'd talked to at least two or three.

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    If it was a clear case then most any compentent lawyer should be able to handle it. If it is questionable I would call Mike Ballenger in Florence. He can get you out of almost anything. I would suggest Hicks harwell but he is now a judge but he taught Mike all the tricks. I could tell some stories on both but better not.

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    a good resource....

    you may want to consider the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. Just Google it or I have a link on my website.

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