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Thread: 120 Days for CWP

  1. Received my CWP today, day 89.

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    MY CWP finally arrived today. 98 days from the date I mailed it in.

  4. Got mine today

    Got mine today. Class was April 7 & 8. Application was mailed on Thursday, April 9th. So SLED probably got it on April 13. Issue date is 7-14.

    So mailed application of permit to its being in my mailbox was 99 days. In fairness, SLED received date to my CWP issue date was 93 days.

    With what SLED has faced in the way of budget/staff cuts and the huge influx of applications, I really appreciate their turnaround and the letter that accompanied the CWP. In the letter, they acknowledge the delay and thanked me for my patience. I appreciated that.

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    I got mine yesterday in 93 actual days plus 2 for us mail. YEAH!!

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    mailed my docs out today... this 90 days gives me time to set up a reloading bench and break in the new crossbreed holster..

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    received mine in 93 days from when it was mailed.

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    Mine was 60 days from mailbox to mailbox. However that was a while back.

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    59 days so far for me and still waiting.


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    Wife and I received at 89 days from mailing date.

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    88 days from taking class

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