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    I am also not a lawyer or LEO, however I think the point that was trying to be presented by the LEO was that drawing your weapon should be reserved for times when discharging that weapon would likely be appropriate. This is in contrast to someone who flashes his gun to show-off or to use inappropriate influence in a situation that is not likely life threatening. Bottom line is, if you draw your weapon do so only to stop a REAL threat. If the mere presence of a weapon is enough to get the BG to tuck his tail and run, then great. Otherwise do what you need to do to protect the innocent.


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    Here's another thing to consider that was brought up in my class....

    A grown man, in a normal state of physical conditioning, can cover 20' in less time than it takes most folks to draw their gun. Just because a man with a knife isn't in "close quarters" or in arms reach, doesn't mean he's not an imminent threat.
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    IMO, bottom line is that if you draw your weapon, you better call the cops immediately after the threat is over and describe to them what happened... whether you had to shoot or not. You don't want the BG to call the cops for you claiming "brandishing".
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