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    Talking Hey, Ruger45

    I just joined myself. As for holsters, It depends on how well you want hide it. I have Fobus paddle holsters for all of my hand guns. I have a KelTec that I carry. (smallest one I have) and it tucks nicely under my shirt.
    You can get them fairly cheep on ebay.

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    Is the supertuck designed specifially to each firearm? or will most slide actions fit the same one? I want one but I am going to go from my s&w 3906 4" to a slim hawg 3" in the next 3 months or so. I hate the holster I have for the 3906 but I don't plan on ever carrying it again after I get the hawg.
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    Mine's on order, but from what I understand, each supertuck is custom made for the specific frame of the gun. Because it's kydex, it's not going to be as forgiving as leather.
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