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    I thought Borat was president!!!

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    I think the statements about return time are from instructors just trying to prepare people in case they do get behind. But mine came last week at +/-92 days from the check being cashed. My bother in laws came int he same time. Father in laws was sent back twice in the first week over the dissability verification issues so he is over 90 days.

    So far after alot of shopping, asking, and holding of firearms...I have decided on a Para Ordinance slim hog. If I could afford the extra money I'd go with a Kimber Ultra Carry. Both are 1991 style in .45 ACP with 3" barrells so they fit in your pocket pretty well. I hate carrying my heavy S&W 4" slide. But if you can get over wanting a 1911 I really like the Taurus Ultra like .38 (I think). Its a very light revolver and is great for pocket carry. Due to limited safety's my wife requested I stay away from revolvers. So I will. I have seen a few other nice compacts slide actions from Taurus, etc. but I really think for a 1911 summer carry you're gonna have to go with a light weight 3" barrel.
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    no misread will carry my 1911 in winter looking for lighter carry for warm weather

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    I'm carrying my XD40 service (4" barrel) all the time... cause it's all I got. Sure it's heavy, but still concealable. Betther than no gun.
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