took test Saterday
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Thread: took test Saterday

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    took test Saterday

    OK took cwp course Sat scored good now onto the 5 month wait. So in the meantime have excuse to buy new gun for carry so on to research what do you guys carry in hot weather? will carry 1911 in cold but looking for warm weather ideas thanks

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    Curious... why do you say 5 month wait? Best as we can tell, the 90 day window is still working fairly well...

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    last i heard 150 day wait one LADY doing all of scI just heard that if you are about to take the CWP class now, the wait is at least 150 days! The SLED folks have also said that whenever you call to check on your permit, it stops the whole process of processing permits! So if I understand this right, one lady processes the permits, mails them out, licks the stamps, answers the phone, mops the floor, shines the windows, sweeps the parking lot and is a single mom. I'm not trying to kick up dust again here, but adding another 30 days to the 120 which was 30 added to the original 90 is insane. I wonder if I should get my 5 year old son to apply now!!

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    Again, I ask - where are you hearing this? As I stated, our best info has the wait in the general 90 day timeframe. Yes, some do take longer... for instance, appx 15% of apps are returned for fingerprint errors (unclassifiable). Yes, SLED took a 30% reduction in funding and manpower along with just about everybody else in the country. However, they have implemented some changes that have helped compensate. Not perfect, but then what is? so far, the worst I've heard is about 110 days.

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    have ben told by instructor that due to number of apps and reduction of help that could take 150 days sooner would be fantastic but not counting on it

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    The longest I have heard of anyone is 94 days. Mine was in exactly 60 days. Everyone I have talked to or heard of has been a 54-90 day frame so I have no idea where the 150 day BS is coming from. I was told to expect the full 90 days so it surprised me at day 60. They have to notify you within 90 days is you are rejected by law.

    Sounds to me you need a new instructor.

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    Congratulations on taking the step to get your permit. Lets just hope it doesn't take that long to get it in your hand...
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    I carry a Charter Arms off duty 5 shot 38,,,I carry it year round,,,,in the house I have a Colt 45 ACP 1991 A1,,,I fine it easy to to carry the 38,,,The 45 is just to big ,,,Plus the 38 will not jam,,,The Colt never jams,, but like I said the 38 never will at all,,,Will good luck and hope you never have to use it,,,,

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    I like the Sig Sauer P220 45 acp, for carry also the P226, depending on what your looking for. If your looking for garaunteed no hassle shots go with a revolver, there are many different sizes, colt has one the size of a pack of smokes and can sit in your pocket and wait - arming yourself is simply putting your hands in your pockets, no pulling a firearm and drawing attention or another persons lead - if you are fixed on a 1911, I would look at Wilson Combat, its a bit pricey, maybe you can find a deal on - and I am a fan of .45 cal hollow point FMJ, stops the dancing early. Also make sure you get a reputable holster, the fellows at Milt Sparks holsters make the finest. If you or anyone has any questions please feel free to message me. - Also in case you havent please join the NRA and help protect your rights - be safe yall!
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    i also carry a sig 220 using a mitch rosen iwb holster conceals nicely from late fall to mid spring, then i carry a sig 239 until late fall arrives again. and for those times when i absolutely dont want even the trained eye to have a clue i am carrying i carry a smith 38 j frame by the use of a set of collins lip grips. nothing exposed but that itty bitty handle which is easily covered with an untucked t shirt
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