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    SC Public Parks & Playgrounds

    Have had my CWP for about 3 weeks and have a question about public parks and playgrounds. The only code that seems to apply is:

    SECTION 16‑23‑420. Carrying or displaying firearms in public buildings or areas adjacent thereto.

    (A) It is unlawful for a person to carry onto any premises or property owned, operated, or controlled by a private or public school, college, university, technical college, other post‑secondary institution, or into any publicly‑owned building a firearm of any kind, without the express permission of the authorities in charge of the premises or property.

    So if my kid plays on a public ball team, can I carry on the ball field, but not in the gym, or in the concession house, or in the bathroom?

    What about state/county parks? I saw that national parks are now allowed, but still unsure about, say, Charlestowne Landing (any charlestonians here?)

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    Not sure about the south carolina specifics, but the national park law will not go into effect until 2010, unless additional legislation is passed to force it through sooner.

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    State parks are OK.

    Who owns the building? If it is city or state etc. you are correct.

    Who owns Charlestowne landing? A good quesiton for someone in the know is would the ships be considered buildings for the purposes of this law? Also are the ships still part of the Navy and therefore under Federal control?

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    Here is the law covering State Parks. You're good to go there. S.C. Code of Laws Title 51 Chapter 3 State Parks -

    SECTION 51-3-145. Certain acts unlawful at state parks.

    (G) Possessing any firearm, airgun, explosive, or firework except by duly authorized park personnel, law enforcement officers, or persons using areas specifically designated by the department for use of firearms, airguns, fireworks, or explosives. Licensed hunters may have firearms in their possession during hunting seasons provided that such firearms are unloaded and carried in a case or the trunk of a vehicle except that in designated game management areas where hunting is permitted, licensed hunters may use firearms for hunting in the manner authorized by law. This subsection shall not apply to a person carrying a concealable weapon pursuant to Article 4, Chapter 31, Title 23, and the concealable weapon and its ammunition.

    As far as county parks and playgrounds go I haven't seen anything addressing CC there. I've always carried in my county park and never thought about it.
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    I remember discussing a local county park in my CWP class. This is a former state park that was given to the county to use. The point was made that we could carry in the park except in the big building that they have. As for restroom and port-a-johns I don't thing we got to that detail.

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    I would not call the sheriff, they probably don't know...

    but my answer is you can carry on or near the ball field. Keep in mind public owned can not be separated between county, state or city... the only one allowed to legislate gun laws in the state is the state. A city or county can't write or make a gun law.

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    There is no law in SC that prohibits carrying on public (not school) park properties, including municipal, county or state. I attend all of my boy's ball games (rec. dept.) and carry at all times. I do not, however, enter any of the buildings as they are public-owned. National Park's will allow guns starting Feb. 22, 2010, falling in line with state law.

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    Where I live the Rec. Dept sometimes uses the field at the schools, you would not be able to carry there right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentduder View Post
    Where I live the Rec. Dept sometimes uses the field at the schools, you would not be able to carry there right?
    If it is on school grounds you are correct, you cannot carry.

  11. Ok, so let me ask this...I know it's legal to carry in a public park, like for example the water front park here in Beaufort...but I also know it's illegal to carry into an establishment which serves alcohol for consumption on, this week we have the water festival at the water front park...they serve alcohol during this week at this park, however, it's outdoors mind am I still allowed to carry?? Technically, it's not a "premesis" where they serve's outdoors!!

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