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    Iron heart,

    I took me a year or more to figure out how to post a picture on these forums....

    Once you realize the secret it is simple....

    I'll try to go over the steps:

    first have the digital picture on your computer (preferably a small size, say less than 600x600 pixels)
    then you have to sign on to some web site that host your pictures... like photo bucket (that's the one I use)
    Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

    Once you have your account (photo bucket is free)
    then you can figure out how to down load the picture to there.... it's pretty simple... you will click on the down load icon on your photo bucket sight and a browser of your computer's files will come up and you navigate to the picture you want to download and click on it.... then the photo bucket thingy copies that file from your computer.... then you will have a pull down menu under the new picture on the photo bucket sight that will let you copy the image URL and you just post that funky link into your reply on this list.

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    [B][/Thank you very much blume I will get to the photo bucket , I used one called homestead years ago but the site went under and with them a lot of my pictures. So I learned to save them in yahoo's 5 gig free storage mail B]

  4. I am gonna email sled and find out what they have to say. Would be nice to know I wouldnt get in trouble for it being in a back pack with some powder round balls and caps. With some other emergency supplies I have in it..
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