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    Sorry to turn the discussion into media and the state of the nation, but I reallly do not like how the majority of people (present company excluded) want to be spoon fed. They jump on any bandwagon without informing themselves on both sides of the "story" or using to reason and logic when making a decision.

    Quite honestly, social media is making me sick (all the comments on blog stories news articles) because it is a representation of our neighbors and people we work with. I had no idea, up until the last few years, that people are such jerks. Complete assclowns.

    I still have faith that I'll find people who I can trust to transfer information back and forth with me with true kindness and common sense (and I've found some my wife included) ... but wow; egos and evil personal agendas abound. I'm really jaded about people and friends anymore.

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    Don’t feel like the lone ranger on being jaded about people and friends...Once I turned 30 I have noticed my circle of friends has decreased drastically, down to about three of four families. Not to be misunderstood, these are the friends you call at 3:00 in the morning because you need some help. It could be that my perception of friends has changed and now I class the others as acquaintances.

    My wife says that my problem is that I don’t like people in general, and for the most part that is true my nature has changed to the point where I feel like I’m just tolerating most people. I have to be around someone several times and discuss multiple things before I can begin warming up to them…..

    It’s a lot like dealing with family. You have to tolerate them (at least sometimes) because their your family but that doesn’t mean you have to like them…..LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by agentduder View Post
    My wife says that my problem is that I donít like people in general ..
    hahaha. yeah, same here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistertaco View Post
    hahaha. yeah, same here.
    I'm there with ya.

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