Received CWP Renewal in 22 days!
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Thread: Received CWP Renewal in 22 days!

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    Received CWP Renewal in 22 days!

    After all this talk of delays and only one person filing all the paperwork for SC CWPs, I expected to be in the stack for a while. Even though I did the on-line renewal to expedite the process, I was still very surprised to get it in the mail after only 22 days. Anyone else had a similar experience? I seem to remember my first permit taking 45 days to get to me from the time I mailed the app, but that was four years ago...

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    They are quick on renewals. I think the online renewal is the best way to go. I got mine back in 23 days.
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    You are really lucky, my on line renewal took 45 days total... 29 working days.

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