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  1. We were fortunate to be transferred to SC from NY 10 years ago. Our plan was to retire to SC so getting an all expense paid move was a dream come true. They paid for everything from broker fees for the old house to moving fees and even paid all closing costs for the new house including an inspection. Then things got even better! My Co. was sold to an outfit from Ct. in 2007 and I got my walking papers effective 12/31/07. Since I had over 27 years with the old Co i was entitled to 6 months of severance pay. I turned 64 in March of 08 and started collecting Social Security and am now very happy in my retirement. SC is the best!!

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    I moved to the Old North State from NY 23 years ago, and love it here in the south. Though I have family in the Empire State, I haven't lost a thing up there! Haven't been back there in 13 years because I can't take my my best friend, Glock!!!

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    I got 'transfered' here to S.C. June 21st of 1957.... kind of been stuck here ever since.

    But then have only lived in Greenville for just under 30 years...

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