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Thread: Concealed Carry in places serving alcohol (bars and restaurants)

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    Every state goes through this

    Kansas... in order to get enough votes to pass concealed carry in Kansas, many legislators added places to te list that they worried about... hospital, church and bars
    Bit at the first revision a few months after the became effective, that entire list was made optional. Any place that wanted to allow concealed carry could just not put up a sign. Several pastors objected to being disarmed and vulnerable. Bars and restaurants did not object, most never had posted signs when they were on a list.
    Kansas still makes being under the influence a crime, just like driving. o.o8% BAC is presumptive CUI, but if you behave badly you can be charged at any BAC level.
    But there are many reasons to allow carrying into a bar. For instance, if the building is posted, a plumber coming to do repair work on the refrigeration at 10 AM, before the bar open can't carry. A stranded motorist can't enter either.
    In Kansas you can have a glass of wine with Christmas dinner, but you are not allowed to get drunk.
    They had tried the 51% income rule to decide where you could carry, but who knows what profit margins the business has?
    These flat rules are just another "I'm afraid of guns" and you'll be in gunfights over parking, football and can't be trusted.

    The people think the Second Amendment protects their rights;
    Government sees an obstacle to be over-come.
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    Those who don't want CC need to post

    Don't care if it is a church or bar, any establishment that doesn't want business from CWP holders needs to post, KEEP IT SIMPLE...

    Give us back our right to defend ourselves and who we determine to patronize.

    I know a few teetotalers and don't like their rights being stripped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45ACP View Post
    I believe the only way around the issue is SC Code of Laws, 1976 as amended, Section 16-23-20; seek a commission as an UNCOMPENSATED Governor's Constable (State Constable). Also see Section 16-23-60 Construction. One would be allowed to carry practically anywhere with the commission.

    That is defeating the point of our right for ALL to RKBA. We've investigated becoming UNCOMPENSATED Governor's Constables but we would be part of the problem adding to ELITE citizenship.

    And we are talking about the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS...unlike what the White House interprets wrt the Second Amendment.

    The Constitution | The White House

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggressive1 View Post
    Blume keeps us up to date so I'm assuming that melloyellow is referring to the restaurant bill that was connected to the on school property bill. I know they pulled the restaurant out of that one, but blume, if theres a new one up please let me know. I know ALOT of people that would be willing to do mail ins/emails/phone calls to support a restaurant carry bill.
    And herein lies the problem... if y'all supported GrassRoots over the past 2-3 yrs, we wouldn't have most of the problems we have now. We get little support when we send out requests for calls, e-mails, fax, etc. when we need to get something done in Columbia.
    As far as restaurant carry goes, you can place the blame directly at the feet of GoSC (the state NRA group) from several yrs ago. In addition, they're trying to take credit on their website for the recent school carry bill... total BS, since GRGRSC wrote the bill, fixed it during the process, and got it thru despite their interference. Not in the original form we wrote, but we felt it more important to let it go thru as changed rather than let it die and have to start anew. We're working on a fix - and will need everybody's support when the time comes.

    Go to the GRGRSC site - the recent Defender paper should be available on-line. You can read a detailed article on what it took to get the school bill passed. Should open a few eyes.

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    Well you got me. I'm guilty for not joining. I'll send in for my membership shortly.


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    Last year I discovered that I had thought I had been a member for the last 3 years... seems I missed the membership renewal... So, when I sent in my money for this year, I added the last three years too.

    Now that I think about it, when do I get a renewal letter this year? I think the administrative part of grass roots in S.C. needs some help.

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    Symtron you are correct in your reading of the law.

    Part of the problem faced with advancing restaurant carry is the odd laws related to service and sale of alcohol in the state of SC. There is no legal definition of a bar in SC. The only establishments that can get a liquor licence for on premises consumption are restaurants, hotels and private clubs.

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    ALL I know is if I'm CC into a restaurant and I have no other choice but to draw. I'd sooner be judged by 12, then toe tagged. Last weekend was at our favorite pizza joint, they have no beer signs lit up, no real advertising on the tables. As we were waiting on our order I notice a card on the table offering a type of beer. Did I immediately leave, hell no. Sat there enjoyed my dinner and left. Was I violating State Law.........ok, but again IF something was to happen and I had no way to defend myself or my wife. What would the State do? Nadda, zilch, don't know ya, don't owe ya. Sorry, the BG shot and killed you or your wife. NO redress is possible if your dead.
    SO, I carry as I see fit, try to abide by all applicable laws and IF I carry truly concealed there should not be a problem. Also pray there never is one either.

    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

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    Been there - done that - $10 pizzas and 50cent wings.

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    My take again is the "unlawfully carried handgun" would not relate to a CWP holder since he is lawfully carrying as per the restrictions that are even on the SLED website.

    Years ago it was noticed that there were far too many "bars" in the Bible Belt so all bars in SC were required to serve some sort of food making them a restaurant.

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