South Dakota 'Physical Residency' advice ??
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Thread: South Dakota 'Physical Residency' advice ??

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    South Dakota 'Physical Residency' advice ??

    hi, all ... I'm a retired, disabled , fulltime RVer, that 'moved' to SD, in August 2009 - everything I own, is now registered in South Dakota, (everything, Social Security, Medicare, licenses, insurance, mail, etc.) ... after being burnt to the ground, in a 2008 northern Kalifornia forest fire, I am living in my RV, fulltime, usually in the mountains and deserts out west, here ... I have a current Kalifornia CCW, an expired NV CCW, and am in the process of getting a new, NV non-resident CCW ... my personal history and reputation, is above question, I'm one of the 'good guys' ... however, I am hitting a snag, it seems I can't get another CCW, without being able to write down a 'physical' South Dakota address ??? .... (in case you're wondering, I want the NV CCW, because SD doesn't recognize NV, and I spend a lot of time in the NV desert - I like exploring and photographing ghost towns, mines, etc.) ... any suggestions, help here ?? ... thanks, in advance ...

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    You should not have any problem if you got a valid South Dakota driver ID. Tried to get a CCW but was a MN resident. stop with the over quotation marks not necessary

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