Greetings from South Dakota
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Thread: Greetings from South Dakota

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    Greetings from South Dakota

    I live in the West River area and if anyone has any questions pertaining to CCW in SD let me know.
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    Howdy from No Dak

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    Got snow up there yet? ;)
    [B]Μολών Λαβέ

    كافر , and proud of it

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    No. I guess praying for global warming may be paying off this year.:D

  6. Thanks in advacne for your help.

    Here's my question: Is Custer State Park considered a "game preserve"?

    My wife an I will be out there in August (after Sturgis). We have reservations to stay in Custer State Park for 1 week. We want to know if we will be allowed to CCW while in the park coming and going to our hotel. We both have Utah CCW's.


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    WOW... Way to research and drag up an OLD post... 2007.. I guess you did your research already and found no listings...
    I'm not sure on the answer to your question, but was amazed you found a 2007 related post to ask rather than just starting a new thread...

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  8. Who can I call in the South Dakota Gov'e to get an answer?

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    You could start here or here.

    Essentially, CCW is legal everywhere in SD except: Federally restricted locations, K-12 schools, county courthouses, and establishments that derive over half their income from on-premise sale of alcohol.

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