Welcome Gun Shop Finder as a USA Carry Sponsor!
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Thread: Welcome Gun Shop Finder as a USA Carry Sponsor!

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    Welcome Gun Shop Finder as a USA Carry Sponsor!

    I'd also like to announce that Gun Shop Finder is now on board as a USA Carry Sponsor.

    "Gunshopfinder.com gives you the ability to find detailed information about our subscribing shops: the brands of guns and accessories they carry, services they offer such as range facilities, training, or gunsmithing, the shops' hours, directions to the shops, and more."

    They also have an online store that has good prices on Crimson Trace laser grips and more.

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  3. Thanks for the kind welcome, Lukem. I hope that members will find my site useful.

    Just a little background for those interested: I ran the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association from 2001 until 2006. Our members worked gun shows, the state capitol and anywhere else where we could find potential supporters to get the shall-issue carry bill passed. As many of the members here no doubt know, the bill was vetoed twice by Governor Doyle, who then got Democrat supporters of the bill to switch sides and vote against a veto override. We also had the pleasure of having the Democrat Senate Majority Leader adjourn the session for the year in 2002 without allowing a promised floor vote.

    Finally, though, Wisconsin is shall-issue, and I'd like to think that WCCA volunteers helped lay some of the groundwork for getting that bill passed. It took twenty years, but it finally happened.

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    How does my shop subscribe?

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