Equip 2 Conceal Firearms Group is a national training organization that offers concealed carry permit training for multiple states. We also offer Womens Only classes in select areas for women looking to get their permit.

In Tampa, Florida we will be offering our very first Advanced Level 2 Class for those of you who already have their concealed carry permit.

In order to enroll in our Level 2 course the Student must have a current CWP (Concealed Weapon Permit) or certificate of completion from our Level 1 course with LIVE fire. Some exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. This Level 2 course has been designed to prepare the student for accurate handgun training under stress. The goal is to support the fundamentals of pistol shooting with practical shooting excercises that can be practiced at any pistol range we utilize. In order to maintain the integrity of the course the Instructor to student ratio is kept to a minimum. We will spend a short time reviewing not just safety, but grip, dominant eye, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger squeeze, breath control, and follow through. All of these fundamentals will be utilized to successfully complete the course.

Topics in the course include:

1. Pistol Shooting Fundamentals Review
2. Opportunity to Develop Skills on a live firing range
3. Take Home Score Sheet for each drill
4. Four challenging drills with four caliber firearms
5. Help the shooter master the methods of accurate shooting
6. Enhance your enjoyment for shooting
7. Confidence to continue building on skills with practice

Option A
Bring your own firearm and a box of factory ammunition for each handgun you bring (NO RELOADS) NOT including range fee. If you plan on bringing the firearm most likely intended for daily carry we recommend having a box of daily carry or self defense loads instead of the range loads.

Option B
We supply 4 firearms and include a total of 100 rounds of factory ammunition between them. These firearms will include .22 LR, .38 Revolver, 9MM, and .40Cal with substitues sometimes available.

We will begin offering this class throughout all of the states we cover.

To view more information about any of the classes that we offer or the states that we cover, please visit our website at Concealed Carry Classes | Equip 2 Conceal or call us toll free at 1-866-371-6111