Welcome Springfield Armory as a Sponsor! And Checkout Their Current Promo
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Thread: Welcome Springfield Armory as a Sponsor! And Checkout Their Current Promo

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    Welcome Springfield Armory as a Sponsor! And Checkout Their Current Promo

    I'd like to thank Springfield Armory for becoming a sponsor of USA Carry.

    They are currently having a Gear Up! promotion going. Receive two additional XD(M) or XD magazines and a free mag pouch FREE with the purchase of any XD(M) or XD pistol while supplies last.

    Click here to visit the promo page and to download your Redemption Form.

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    Thanks for sponsoring the site SA

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    Welcome SA! I was just looking at a new XDM today. Nice pistol
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  5. Welcome Springfield

    The XD45 I am getting comes with two 13-round magazines and a two magazine holder. To have a magazine in the weapon I will have to buy another magazine for $25.75. The gun comes in a plastic case with foam rubber protecting everything, which is the pistol, two magazines, a holster, a two-magazine holder, a cleaning kit and a cable gunlock. the one I hope to get has a brushed nickel slide and a black frame. If that one sells, I am looking at the black slide with the earth frame. I hope to add the Crimosn Trace laser sight grip to it in the near future.
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    Yep, USA Carry just keeps getting better. Thanks SA and Luke.

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    Welcome SA and thank you for your support!
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    Welcome SA. Glad to have you here.
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    Welcome SA, thanks for being a sponsor of USA Carry...................
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    I have the XD40 and I really like it. I just wish there was a left handed option for the free holster.

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    thank you and welcolm springfield armory. you all have treated me very well and have a new 1911 compact ordered and will be here soon.
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