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    Quote Originally Posted by bbarton713 View Post
    I just finished my second day of wearing it and it is very comfortable. Of course, now I want to fool with it. I have the Super Tuck Deluxe. Do you adjust the cant of the holster by changing the orientation of the belt clips? I also read something about adjusting the height of how it rides. Has anyone had any experience doing that?
    Behind the clips are other holes for the clips to be mounted into. Just remove the screws in the front of the clips. Loosen them a little first and then press the screw retainer out the back of the holster. The retainer has claws that hold it in place so push them out the back. Move the retainer to one of the other holes and press it in from the rear (body side) of the holster. Moving the clips further down will get the top edge of the holster to ride a little higher. Up will have have the opposite effect. One higher than the other will cause more or less cant. I've been happy with the factory setting for mine, but I tried fooling with it a bit to see how it worked. Very simple, yet effective... Try moving them around and let me know if you were successful..Peace.
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    Thanks, I've moved them up and down and I think I've found a comfortable setting for me. However, it also seems to be dependent on what jeans I'm wearing. Different jean types fit differently and that seems to have an impact on the holster comfort. We'll see how that works out. I may have to standardize on a different type than what's on sale. :-)

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    I have a super tuck for my Glock 19; and I love it. The kydex part of the holster is easy to mold to the firearm if it isn't quite a fit.

    To the person who couldn't find a comfortable spot to wear his: have you tried a cross draw position with the cant adjusted?

    To the person who had a reaction to the curing agent: take a piece of heavy felt and glue a piece onto the back of the holster where it hits your body. I did this with one of my holsters and one of my husband's and it works great. The other option would be to wear a muscle shirt or tank between you and the holster.
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    Bought the horse hide for my M&P. Love it, still testing to find the most comfortable spot when sitting. I'll get there.
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    I have had my super tuck for about a year now and I LOVE it! I tell all my friends that this is a must have holster! I just wish they could have made one for my extra mag.
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    I love mine - my only complaint is that the kydex is not interchangeable for different pistols...Hubby says I can't buy a new supertuck for my new gun until I sell the one I have for my old gun (which has been sold). Not a close enough fit to adjust with a little heat sadly.

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    I have heard that you may need a stronger belt with the super tuck deluxe. Is this correct? Also, 'they' say if you buy a belt you need to get it 2" larger for the IWB holster. Would this also apply to your jeans (pants)?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Desert Dude View Post
    I have heard that you may need a stronger belt with the super tuck deluxe. Is this correct? Also, 'they' say if you buy a belt you need to get it 2" larger for the IWB holster. Would this also apply to your jeans (pants)?


    Yes, get a crossbreed belt
    Yes, get 2 in longer than normal size belt
    Yes, get 1 size larger pants for optimal comfort.
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    Crossbreed "QuikClip model holster here.

    Took 10 days from placement of order to receive my holster in the mail.

    The QuikClip is 1-clip IWB holster.


    1) I like it due to the smaller foot-print.

    2) One clip is easier to take on and off

    3) Holster stays in place due to tension of belt as well as the "wider" clip used on this model

    4) I ordered mine in horsehide for reduced moisture and comfort in the summer

    5) This holster is "tuckable" like a Supertuck

    6) Great warrenty and simplicity to its construction

    Here are a few photos of the QuikClip Holster:
    Springfield XDM 40cal / Crossbreed "QuikClip" Holster (IWB) / High Noon "Slide Guard" Holster (OWB) / Galco Single Mag Carrier (Horizontal) / Gould & Goodrich Gun Belt (Leather & Polymer) / Looper Gun Belt (Leather & Polymer)

  11. QuikClip Crossdraw

    Has anyone tried the QuikClip crossdraw at about the 1000 position? Is it comfortable, or does it seem too wide? I'm considering one for a Glock 23.
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