Sources of meat
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Thread: Sources of meat

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    Exclamation Sources of meat

    Any fowl is edible but parasites are common...cook completely
    Almost all mammals are edible but in regards to the Possum...I have to be pretty hungry and its gotta be cooked to a crisp to kill all the parasites.
    Fish are another story...not all are edible.
    Snakes edible but potentially dangerous...(must be skinned, gutted and have all venom glands removed on dangerous varieties)
    Turtles, hard to clean...easy to cook
    bugs...Usually a good idea to cook completely (Grubworms that are battered and fried taste like shrimp no kidding and don't ask just know that it was a missionary that taught me that)

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    All common pets can be eaten and there are many. in most areas you have farm animals that won't survive long anyway.

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    Five shots for anyone who tries to eat my dog, and one last one for when I decide to!

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    Good Morning Festus

    "Turtles, hard to clean...easy to cook"
    Nothing better than turtles. I use to cut off their heads and dip in boiling water to remove the skin, and than clean them.
    Now I just cut off the head, cut the body loose around the shell, it will be attached at the base of the tail, use a small hatchet, or cleaver to cut the bone attachment than the body will fold down and you will have one more attachment at the neck area.
    Now remove the innards, skin, and breast plate.
    Cut into pieces at joints and you are done.
    My favorite is to make turtle soup, add water, tomatoes, green beans, peas, corn, cabbage, salt and pepper, simmer all day.
    Remove the turtle meat, let cool, roll in flour, and fry in veg. oil till golden brown.
    All we need now is a little home made bread.
    Some of my other favorites are, coon, beaver, groundhog, crow, geese, rabbits, squirrel, dove, deer, frogs, crawfish, and forget the possom.
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    Don't forget... WTSHTF and ITEOTWAWKI

    Soylent Green.

    But be careful zombies and prisoners probably have AIDS and Hepatitis C
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    Just Like Sarah Proudly proclaims in Her book:
    "I always remind people that there's plenty of room for all of Alaska's animals --- Right next to the mashed potatoes."

    I don't know about the bug part... Big Bad ***** Marine squeamish about bugs.....
    Semper Fi

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    I get hungry enough, I'll pretty much eat anything. Fortunately, I have sufficient body fat to hold me for awhile (part of The Plan)

    I always snicker at the rubes up here who won't eat rabbit or squirrel. Rabbit or squirrel?!! These are frickin' delicacies back home! Some folks are gonna be mighty hungry if/when the SHTF and they run out of Cheerios.

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    I have had rabbit but not in a long time From what I can remember it was not bad. Now eating bugs that might be another thing. I might have to become a vegetarian.
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    Dont go knocking possum,,,LOL,,,rabbits and squirrels are good,coon is a little bit greasy,beaver,well ,,,,,I wont say anything about that,,,I've had my share of crow already,,dont care to eat any more of that. I was raised around enough cajuns that not much is safe when it comes to eating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    I have had rabbit but not in a long time From what I can remember it was not bad. Now eating bugs that might be another thing. I might have to become a vegetarian.
    Timon the meerkat and Pumba the warthog eats bugs, don't they???
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