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    Sitting at this computer I can say yes to all but one of these questions. When other factors are figured in I question my ability. If its pouring rain and I'm freezing I would have trouble with a fire. If its winter or other people have been in the area I don't know about the food. I should be ok with the navigation as long as I have adequate health. Chest wound? Wife would have to handle that one.

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    I am by no means "Ready." I guess I never will be. But I had a little windfall yesterday a cash at home job, and decided to spend it all today. I made the wife get off the couch and come with me so I could use her BJ's card, and got TWO carts FULL of canned fruit, beans, veggies, two MORE 25 pound bags of white rice, case of pasta, case of pasta sauce, bottled water. I told her we will be doing this at LEAST every other week. (She said "You're a nut case" ) but said it with a smile cuz she knows she gets more like me every year, and we've been together for almost 20. We have a room over the garage next to our bedroom which was a work out room. Now it is filling up with guns, ammo and food. I sleep better every time I add a little booty to the stash.
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