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Thread: How fast can you and your gear make it out?

  1. I have a backpack that goes with me on every trip. It goes to work with me (25 mile trip, one way), goes to the store and comes home. It is usually packed with water, snackbars and a bunch of other crap (compass, fire lighter, matches, first-aid kit, extra knife (defense or cooking), multi-tool, flashlight & extra batteries and paracord). The only two items that are important are water (#1) and food (#2). If you don't have those items, the rest do not matter. It's just like training for anything else. Make it part of your routine and you will not have to think about it.

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    This thread has evolved but the discussion is well centered.
    The original challenge is how fast can you and your gear make it out the door. This challenge remains. 1 minute was the time quoted for the minuteman militia of the revolutionary war. It is not about moving stealthily. It is about moving period. We all have to remember that in order to survive sometimes we have to give up stealth for speed. Other times we need to invoke full stealth and say to hell with fast.

    Here is something for the scenario..if all hell has broken loose the best thing you can do is move with confidence. Your neighbors may have lost all ability to reason due to panic. It is nice to know if your abilities match your intentions.

    The more you sweat now the less you bleed in a SHTF scenario!!!!

  4. I carry a bag with extra magazines and extra pistol in my truck, always. As for the rest of it. ??? I'll need to get more organized with a real BOB.
    I'm a ways out from the main city so I should be outside the invisible fence, so to speak.
    How fast could I get out and on the road? Under 5 min, for myself with a good bag full. Wife and kids? That's where the trouble will start. LOL

  5. if your stuff is already in your vehicle then and only then are you truely ready
    my vehicle has a rifle lock box and everything else is in a bag not to mention i have a weapons bag prestaged in the house

  6. heres a good start,,

    1. get out of bed
    2. have sentrys close gates
    3. post fresh troops
    4. send up low level tac aircraft
    5. go back to bed

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