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    So you have decided to blaze a trail. How you gonna mark it?
    Try this...follow an existing animal trail. Mark the rt side only about every 25 yards using your knife to scrape bark similar to an animal. The reason you are using right side only so that you will know if you are coming or going. Hitting the trees at the same height and same location will let you know it is yours.

    When you come to a fork in the trail mark the side you took with rocks or sticks laid out in an arrow showing the direction of travel. It will help the rest of your party to find you. By using all organic local will also be nearly invisible to all but those who know.

    There you have it sports fans and you did not go tying that really ugly pink surveyors tape all over the place.

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    No tape? I guess leaving bread crumbs as you go is out to. Really thanks for the thread festus some good tips here.
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    I've been moving those piles of rocks and rubbing dirt into the cuts on the trees for years. I wondered who was doing that!
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    If you happen to be wandering around the woods and come upon a tree with a large emblazoned X,you have stumbled upon a witness tree. When I was surveying we usually marked property corners with a peice of rebar,this tree stands "witness" to the pin. We also had a bad habit of blazing the property lines with our blades as we cut our way through the woods,most of the time we cut a pretty good line to shoot the property boundries as well. Might be handy to know if you become disoriented because somebody moved your pile of rocks or limbs. Please dont pull up the rebar. Makes surveyors grouchy.
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