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Thread: Calories per day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    Sitting there typing at your computer burns 1500-2000 calories a day.
    You need at least 2500-3000 per day in an active outdoor environment. You are doing more, and that generates heat and motion energy.
    1 MRE is anywhere from 2000-3000 calories depending on content and menu. In order to get that you must consume every single item in the MRE that is considered a food item or condiment (this includes the cofee creamer)

    Hopefully Ropadope will give us his world famous "RANGER COOKIE" recipe that makes eating the coffee creamer easier.

    In a combat environment, 2 mre's a day will not even begin to cut it.

    Combat is defined as: humping 100 + pounds. Running while being shot at, shooting while running while being shot at. Scrambling over, under and around everything you can imagine. More running, cussing and shooting. Praying, shooting, running and scrambling. This can continue for as long as it takes to either break contact or clobber every terrorist.

    At the end of the day you are just too tired to eat. It is a great weight loss program. You get exercise, adrenaline, and the 1000 yard stare. you also get PTSD and the shakes.

    In another thread one of the posters said he and his wife could share an MRE if need be. Maybe as a snack. In a bug out environment, You are not going to have much time to eat until you make it to a safe haven. I would suggest 2 MRE's per person removed from the puffy brown plastic baggy and vacuum sealed into something that takes up a lot less space. Don't remove the individual wrappers just the bulky brown plastic outer shell. They are hell on space in the original package but very compact as components. You'll get a lot more in your pack and you will have more space for things you really need like extra socks, gloves, a wool hat, and extra medical supplies.

    Water is the most important. You need lots and lots of that in a combat environment. Don't hoard it. Use it.
    When a fighter pilot is shot down the first thing he is supposed to do is move to cover and drink one of his water packs. this helps to ensure that he is not dehydrated and can think straight. Makes sense to me.

    Stay hydrated eat your MRE when you get the chance and never waste anything. It is all useful. It is designed to provide a buttload of useful calories that can be rapidly metabolized with out causing an energy crash. It is also designed to replace electrolytes and other minerals with balanced nutrition. Did I mention a buttload of calories? You will definitely need to stay hydrated or your body cannot breakdown and use that energy. by the is a buttload of calories.

    Bon Appetit!
    Pass the water please.


    earth worms are 70% protine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricbak View Post
    Festus, I had to Google MRE,,, Had no clue what one was. C-Rats, I understand. P-38 Can opener I understand. Dog Tags on the boot laces, P-38 on the dog Tag chain...
    Some of the first MREs issued to Marines INSTEAD of C-Rats were issued in Beirut right after the barracks were bombed. Several people said MRE stood for Meals Ready to Eat, 3 Lies in One.

    For those who made live-off-the-land survival-mode comments (earthworms) be aware that the difference between what you won't eat, and what you will eat, is about 24 hours. BUT expect some unpleasant reactions as your body adjusts to "new" food sources.

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