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    I'm in Southern Indiana, and I'm just a farm kid gone gray.
    I figure since I was born after the 'Baby Boomers', I'm going to need my own 'Retirement' plan since the boomers will drain all the social security before I get there...

    This is just what has worked for me so far.
    I didn't mention the things that didn't work, like stockpiling large amounts of 'Import' ammo that corroded up so bad I couldn't use it, about $4,000 worth,

    I didn't mention the two wind generators that got turned into scrap because I didn't use a strong enough tower and tried to get away with a single pole type TV antenna,

    I didn't mention the Ostrich breeding pair I took on a bad loan that turned out to be sterile and wouldn't produce... That was a $15,000 fiasco...

    I didn't tell you about leasing out pasture to people with horses that burned my barn down and left me stuck with 'Rescue' horses that looked like skeletal remains still standing...

    I didn't tell you about rolling the back hoe off the hillside into the pit where the root cellar was going in and having to shell out for repairs on a rented backhoe...

    Everyone makes mistakes, I make LOTS of them

    One thing I can tell you is...
    What ever you do for a 9 to 5...

    I design/build car parts, mostly suspension pieces (R&D) I carry home all sorts of 'Scrap' pieces of tubing, plate, threaded ends, what ever hits the scrap bin I think I can use for a project later on...

    Doesn't matter if you work in a toilet paper factory, every one needs toilet paper, and if you have access to the 'Mistakes', take them home!

    I have some relation that works in a hospital, one is a surgical assistant, so she brings me the excess stuff from the surgeries, forceps, tweezers, suture packs, dressings... All still in the sterile packs from the 'Trauma Trays' they use in surgery. Most of that stuff is disposable now, so instead of throwing it away in the sterile packs, she brings it to me.
    I give her homemade wine and mushrooms, which she's crazy about but won't hunt for...

    I have a cousin that works in an auto parts store that has access to the overstock/end of production stuff the stores sell off REAL cheap or throw away...
    I never know when I'm going to need a roll of wire or can of paint, or starter solenoid,
    And if I have room to store it, I take all he can come up with.

    Baby diapers and womens 'Sanitary' products will be very much needed...
    I know a guy that was contracted to get rid of a truck load of diapers and tampons after a truck crash,
    He stored the stuff, and when the tornado wiped out the town just south of us in '90, he 'Donated' those products for a HUGE tax credit!

    Everyone is going to need toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, baking soda, sugar, salt and all the stuff you use everyday now,
    So anything you can put back for barter will serve you will in the event of disaster (natural or man made).

    Keep in mind that SUGAR never goes bad, it's a nitrate, so if you can buy it up cheap, you can store it in canning jars indefinitely.
    Sugar is one thing that isn't readily available to us around here, so I keep quite a bit in sealed jars.
    Just put the stuff in the jars, put the jars right back in the box the jars came from, and store them.

    Salt is another very good thing to store long term, but you have to use coated lids on those jars since bare metal lids won't last long (Ask me how I know that... Remember, I DO make mistakes!).

    Cost savings can be as simple as using discount paper plates as rifle targets instead of the expensive printed ones,
    Or as complicated as putting in solar electric that will take 20 years to pay you back with a HIGH initial investment.
    To tricks like using a old milk jug with a small hole punched in the cap...
    Turn it upside down next to a specific plant you want to water for 3-4 days without messing around with the garden hose,
    To raising your own livestock...

    The 'Revelation' for me was seeing one of my oldest friends and her kids...
    She was a corporate tax accountant making $400,000 a year, her husband was a tax attorney at the same firm making about the same money,
    They were ALWAYS in debt, had a HUGE house, all the 'Toys', ect.

    Her oldest son (They have three) got in trouble for vandalizing a subdivision where they were building 'McMansions', drugs, ect.
    She said the turning point was when she asked the boys to roll the garbage cans down to the curb for pickup, and the kids got the stuff in the yard and quit...
    Said the job was 'Too Hard' so they quit.
    One kid refused to go to school because his sunglass were 'Tommy Hillfinger' or some such crap, they didn't match the rest of his outfit... And she didn't want to spend $800 for ANOTHER pair of sunglasses for this middle school kid...
    She decided they were too spoiled and decided to do something about it...

    Moved to a plot of land, about 20 acres, built a TINY house with no frills ($35,000 construction costs!)
    And started raising goats.
    The kids wear 'Wall-Mart' and thrift store cloths, and they grow/can about everything you can imagine.
    They live on income from the farm, from her doing taxes for people (about $35 a person) and what he makes doing wills, and stuff like that (around $100 per)...

    The oldest kid is in prison because he couldn't stay away from drugs and gangs...
    The two younger ones got scholarships to collage and turned out to LEARN to work,
    They threw hay bales for me a couple of time, turned out to be good workers in the end...
    They don't take 'Mom & Dad's' money for granted anymore since there isn't any!
    And they have a work ethic that will do them proud the rest of their lives.

    All I can say is,
    Make it to last a lifetime, build it so your kids can use it their entire lives if you can.

    Big, heavy, 'Clunky' is how things are built to last,
    Just take a look at the 'H' & 'M' Farmall tractors built in the 30's that are still used every day on farms...
    Have a look at a stone building sometime, no rot, no termites, no fire can destroy them.
    Todays equivalent of stone is NON-metal reinforced concrete.

    When you put drains in a building, set the building up so you can ACCESS the drains later.
    In my case, we pored a slab covering the drains.
    It will be a pain to lift that slab later, but it WILL move so the drains can be accessed.

    When you put in foundation drains Make sure they drain BELOW floor level so the water table doesn't force water up through your floor and gravity does the work and you don't have to run a sump pump 24/7 to keep the house dry.

    Gravity never stops working in a power outage or when you are out of town on a vacation!

    Well planned is self sufficient... I've made mistakes, digging through drain lines,
    forgetting to put screens on the drains and something builds a nest in there you have to snake out,
    But in the end, you WILL LEARN to make everything work in your favor if you think it through...

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    I agree with Unfettered Might, you should write a book. Many people could use your knowledge and wisdom.
    I would love to see some pictures of your place.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]In order to rally people, governments need enemies. They want us to be afraid, to hate, so we will rally behind them. And if they don't have a real enemy, they'll invent one in order to mobilize us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    I agree with Unfettered Might, you should write a book. Many people could use your knowledge and wisdom.
    I would love to see some pictures of your place.
    Don't know about doing a book, but we did make 'Mother Earth News' last year...
    A friend of ours put us in and the writer showed up and took pics, then about 4 months later a little blurb showed up.
    They made us look like were were some kind of nuts because we had guns/gun range and didn't have livestock.
    They gave us a hard time about not having livestock...

    I grew up on a farm, and livestock are a LOT of work, plus I can't see my way to installing fences just so I can have some steaks that I can buy REAL CHEAP right now from the local guys...
    Since I have a '9 to 5' job, livestock is a pain for me, if I were retired or living on the farm full time, it would be different...

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