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Thread: What is your Number One SHTF Gun?

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    Ruger Mini 14 (.223 semi) for catastrophic SHTF situations.

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    M&P AR-15 and my 4" .357 mag 7-round revolver. Naturally, a spare parts kit and cleaning/care supplies are in the bag along with mags/speedloaders, ammo and basic gunsmith tools. (very basic, as I aint no 'smith)
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    Mossberg, AK and my Glock 23. The Mossberg alone will make the biggest kaboom! AK I use mostly for hunting...and I never leave home without my Glock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AR Hammer View Post



    But if I were in a 'Survival' situation (different than a gun fight situation),
    I'd opt for something like a Ruger GP-100 Wheel Gun in .357 Mag. with 6" barrel.
    Large enough to penetrate the skull of a grizzly bear, accurate enough to hunt with,
    Still fits in a holster and doesn't weigh a ton, dependable as an anvil, it WILL go off every time you pull the trigger,
    Has adjustable sights, comes in stainless, standard caliber, can also shoot .38spl. rounds, and is readily available anywhere in the country.

    There are a multitude of loads for the .357 from small game shot to big, heavy penetrators for large, dangerous game and the caliber is standardized & popular, so ammo is available almost everywhere.



    If I were to pick a rifle, it would probably be a .30-06, .308 Win or .300 Win Mag bolt gun.
    All .30 bullets, primers and powders pretty much interchange so reloading wouldn't be an issue,
    And most places would have military caliber ammunition around the world, .308 (7.62x51mm) or .30-06, and there is nothing you can't put down with a .30 rifle at under 500 yards.

    .30 cal rifles SUCK for small game, you have to be REALLY TRICKY to put small game down without blowing it to pieces, so survival situations would favor large game, but you normally only get chances at small game.
    There are sabot rounds so you can fire .223 size projectiles out of a .30 cal rifle, but they aren't the most accurate, but wouldn't hurt to have in a pinch...
    Trimmed the original response for length, but for the same basic reasons as originally stated, I like the .357 Magnum (revolver always goes boom, light, I can hit what I aim at, powerful), and that old but very reliable bolt action Springfield 30.06 that was tested so sufficiently in WWII.

    As for blowing apart small game in a survival situation, I'll do my best to reassemble it for my dinner... a much better option, I think, than being disassembled myself for some predator larger than I. For that reason, I'll always be preferring a larger gun to a smaller one.

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    I'm going along with the survival scenario. From the guns in the safe beside me right now, I'd take the Rossi 971 .357mag (6") and the Winchester model 94 30-30 saddle gun. Neither has ever failed me. With one on the hip, and one slung over the shoulder, I'd still have 2 free hands for whatever else I'd take.

  7. Flame thrower and a bazooka!! No really, im taking a sig sauer p6 and a ruger 10 22. It what i have and its what i know.

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    M4, .22lr unit for M4, PF-9

    unlike everyone else here (apparently) I am aware of what having too much wt does to your ability to keep moving and keep from spraining an ankle or a knee. :-) The gun and ammo wt needs to be held to 15 lbs, so you can have the other 35 lbs (max of 50 lbs to be able to run and gun properly) as equally vital survival gear. Start with 12 lbs of 308 and .45, and you aint carrying much ammo. :-) A steel 308 mag weighs 7 ozs, the rds are 16 to the lb if you use 168 gr stuff for long range potential. 230 gr .45 ammo is 22 rds to the lb, and an empy 1911 mag weights 2 ozs. Holsters and mag pouches have weight, too, you know.

    My Carbon-15, with a skinny barrel, weighs 4lbs, the .22 unit and spare mag total a lb, the pisol and a spare mag total a lb. The Kydex pocket rig weighs 2 ozs, the spare rifle mags go in my pockets. The AR accessories total 2 lbs. I see no point in carrying much pistol ammo, when I am already carrying rifle and if shtf, everyone else will have a rifle, also (or be dead). So the pistol will have at most a very tiny role, if shtf. My 1 lb of 22lr ammo totals 135 rds, and is easily replaced. 30 rd aluminum 223 mags weigh 5 ozs each. I carry 3 of such mags. 223 ammo is 35-40 rds per lb, depending upon the bullet wt. My gun and ammo wt is a tad over 12 lbs. The soft body armor vest and groin protector (homemade, boxer short type coverage) total 5 lbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911 Headbanger View Post
    If you had to bug out on foot or car and could take one long gun and one handgun, what would it be?

    Long Gun - Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM

    Handgun- Glock 21

    I would also have to throw my Great GrandFathers 1911 in my pack, because I promised him I would always have it with me in hard times.
    Okay, I have to admit I ripped this from another blog entry about SHTF topic, but here goes...

    M14/M1A: Clunky, heavy, and overpowered. Essentially a Garand tarted up with a removable magazine, in a half-baked attempt to adapt a 19th century rifle design philosophy to the mid-20th century. Most often named as favorite infantry rifle by people who never had to hump a 10-pound wood-stocked rifle with lots of sharp protrusions and no collapsible anything on a three day exercise, or try to make it through a firefight with the standard battle load of five 20-round magazines.

    Glock: Butt-ugly plastic shooting appliance with the ergonomics of a caulking gun. Five-pound trigger with no external safety makes it ill suited for its target market (cops who shoot a hundred rounds a year for qualification). Favored by gangbangers because the product name is short and rhymes with other short, rap-friendly words.

    1911: Overweight and overly complex piece of late 19th century technology. Low capacity, useless sights in stock form, and a field-stripping procedure that requires three hands. Favored by people who are at the cutting edge of handgun technology and combat shooting…of the 1960s.

    Let the gnashing of teeth begin! LOL!!
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    My AR hanging from the front my Moss 500 in a scabbard on my back and a Jericho 941 on my side.... maybe my Ak Polytech Legend with a drum stashed somewhere near by hate to admit it but its probably the most reliable lol

  11. Bazooka, AR15, 1911's and multiple glocks accompanied with my forklift of ammo!!!! Not to mention my F350 crew cab outfitted with my democratic/zombie grill guard!!!

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