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Thread: What is your Number One SHTF Gun?

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    Ruger 10 22 and a Glock 10 mm; Lots of ammo and with little weight for the rifle and if I run out of 10 mm ammo stick a fork in me I'm done. Of course I could resupply with .40 ammo for my 10.

    Both guns are light and the Glock is rugged shoots pretty flat, more gas than a 45 and close to the hottest loads in a .357 but lighter weight and holds 20 +1. The 10 22 should do ok or maybe a bolt or lever 22.

  3. My Superior Arms 5.56 UBR, My Glock 20, 29 and 22.

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    Long gun: AR-15
    Handgun: Sig P229 (Concealed)

    In the bag, SIG P220 plus what ever the wife can carry..
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    Assuming I had the ammunition.

    LWRC M6A2 6.8 SPC

    Any of my Hk pistols, Sig or Springfield MC Operator 1911 .45 ACP.

    I may even sling the M14 SOCOM. All my mag pouches are for 5.56 and 6.8 though. I need a rig for 7,62 mags.
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    I have contemplated this for many years. I was going through the gun locker today, and it finally struck me. If I had to grab TWO and run, it would be my Walther P 22 auto and my Ruger 10/22. I can carry 3,000 round easily in my back pack and they will fit either gun. But I'd certainly try to exhaust the value of several other guns before I split with those two.
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    Me: Either my Glock 23 or Glock 22 for a pistol, and either an AR, or my Remington 700 LVSF 22-250 for the rifle.

    My Wife: Her Glock 26 or 23 for the pistol (leaning for towards the 23), and an AR for the rifle.

    We would have a total of 4 guns between us, and if we had our glocks and AR's, we'd only have 2 types of ammo between us. Plus, 5.56/.223 ammo will always be one of the easier rounds to get ahold of.
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    This turned out to be a much tougher question than I thought at first. Why the bug out? Are we being invaded? Has disease decimated my city, or a dirty bomb? Are the woods filled with bad guys or just hopeless survivors?

    Unless it's a wartime like atmosphere, Ruger 10/22 (short barrel) with fixed 4x and suppressor and Glock 19. Can still reach out and touch folks at a distance. Can hunt forever, easily carrying 1000 rounds of 22LR. If anyone is close enough for me to need to use my pistol, I want some firepower behind it, and the Glock holds more rounds than my MKIIs.

    If there is lots of fighting in the streets, LWRC M6A2 Stretch with T1 and Glock 19. Guns and ammo from my enemies would be plentiful when I run low, and if I don't prevail to take that ammo, it won't matter what I am carrying.

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    The fact of the matter is,You can hunt anything out there with a 12 Ga. and some assorted loads.
    I really wanted to take my 12 gauge, but I'd have to cut down the barrel, and shotgun rounds are just too damn heavy. Here in the deep South, .223 will cover my needs.


    Having actually been in the military, RELIABILITY is the name of the game,
    And there is nothing more reliable than a pump 12 Ga. or a well crafted Wheel Gun.
    Having been in the military, as well as having lived "outside" for about 9 months of my life, I agree that reliability is paramount. But I have had a brand new wheel gun jamb and it had nothing to do with the ammo. I would pit my Glock 19 in a reliability test against any wheel gun made today.

    I bow to your wisdom on the final say, since I have never lived in Alaska, but I submit that the "bear guns" used in Alaska are wheel guns because few semis of those calibers are available. They are essentially backup emergency firearms, not fighting weapons.

    Again, no bears down here, so 9mm is a perfectly adequate round, as well as available virtually everywhere.

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    My long gun would be my M1 Garand. 30-06 will handle anything. Handgun would be my 1911 with my Kahr CW45 as backup. They will use the same mags. I would also have my Mossberg 500 and Ruger 10/22 close at hand, depending on if I am moble with a 4x4. I would also like to have my 22/45 close at hand if possible.

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    As a noob here, reading this post was fascinating to me, so I couldn't just walk away without adding my .02....

    I have never owned a shotgun. Don't know the first thing about them except style and caliber differences (side by side, over under, pump, single shot - 12ga down to 28ga/.410).So I'd never bring one with me. I like their versatility...but I digress.

    Rifle: I'd take my Marlin Model 60 .22lr. Tubular magazine, holds 14 rounds. I grew up on this model gun, and feel it would satisfy any hunting issues I may need to address.

    Handgun: I only have 9mm. So my Glock 17 would be for solving human dilemmas or anything my .22 wouldn't kill off.

    Knives weren't mentioned, but I'd carry the one knife that could handle a variety of tasks: Ontario Spec Plus Tanto 8"

    I think it's important that if SHTF, and you are fleeing for your life, that you're not going to be taking pot shots at people and put a spotlight on your position, and leave you exposed. The 9mm, is my "last resort" use weapon, when only killing something/someone is a must.

    Personally I believe you can spook most things/kill with a .22 rifle. :)

    Just my thoughts any way.
    Eppur Si Muove

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