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Thread: What is your Number One SHTF Gun?

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    My Norinco AK47 and my HK P2000SK

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    Glock 19........Bushmaster ACR

  4. Quote Originally Posted by HootmonSccy View Post
    Don't be offended and maybe I'm a little overly sensitive on the subject..
    My friend and I were just having a conversation about a hunting trip he and his father went on and the other three hunting groups were laughing at him and his dad..
    Look at those 10 year old boots
    Look at those flannel shirts and old coats
    Look at that old 8mm rifle, etc. etc. etc...

    The son and dad had a long conversation about it (the son was quite upset and wanted to leave)

    The dad says - Yeah, my boots are 10 years old, but they are always dry and always warm
    The shirts I wear always keep me warm
    Then listed the three items a gun must do (in my original post)..
    Then his dad said, oh yeah, they have also each taken the best hunting spots on the land and left us with the swamp... But I have a plan...

    The father and son got up earlier than anyone else and were out of the cabin 45 minutes before the others.. They slipped into the swamp and settled down..
    You guessed it, as the other three groups (all much better equipped (at least $$$ wise)) slipped out to their hunting spots it drove the deer into the swamp.. My friends dad was the only one who got a deer that day.. It was the plan that made the difference that day

    I also ride motorcycles (NOT a Harley) and get tired of others looking down their noses at me and others that don't ride a Harley.. Nothing wrong with a Harley, but it doesn't make them a better person, just like having a $3000 .45 doesn't make you a better person..

    So, sorry if I was a little overly sensitive, but some can not afford a very nice .223 rifle with rails with lasers and night scopes and a coffee maker.. but they may be WAY more prepared in the head than some that have the $$$ to spend..

    So to the original poster, I'm not saying that showing off was the intent of the original post..
    To everyone else, respect each other, no matter what people can afford and remember that "THINGS" don't make you a better person, how much you love, share and give does..
    As always a great post ! It always amazes me that if you were in trouble you would care who or what it is that helps you ! If you give and help others without trying to benefit it will make you feel beyond good !

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jibbster View Post
    NDS, I usually catch flack from people saying revolvers are "old school"....I carry a Sig most days, but I think in SHTF, a revolver has some advantages..first, it goes BANG when you pull the trigger, and if it doesn't you just pull the trigger again...Second, a full magnum round is a great man stopper and also works on lots of 4 legged opponents..also, I think there is some psychological aspect to pulling a large revolver on someone..hopefully it can help "change their mind" for them
    Beautifully said ! I am a new Glock owner . But my Ruger .357's always go bang after 30 years . And you are correct sir: a 4 inch stainless .357 sure looks more intimidating then a black Glock (I do like them in .45 cal though) . Just keep what will shoot and always keep some mre's and some extra canned food if you can . Don't rely on stores or the government ! We all should on this site know this!!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by 1911 Headbanger View Post
    Nothing wrong with a good revolver.
    Never my Southern friend . I also would hope you were here in Vegas when it hits the fan .I like the way you think (you always make sense ) we could make a good team ( I'm sure we would find a couple ( my gun dealer Spurlock's in Henderson ; he and his wife would make a formidable team ) . God Bless and you stay the same .

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    Id prefer to have three (or more lol) I would want my Bushmaster m4 patrolman, my xd45acp, and my remington 7mm mag. And of course have my wifey watching my back with her AK

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    Cleaning out my emails for the end of the year and found this. If I could only keep ONE of my guns this would have to be it. Course, mine is on steroids.

    YouTube - Remington's Masterpiece 870 Shotgun

    YouTube - Remington's Masterpiece 870 Shotgun
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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    Question: What is your Number One SHTF Gun?

    Answer: the one that's in my hand when the S Hs TF
    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name.
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    Handgun has to be my Springfield 1911.Long gun would be my Bushmaster .308.I can always take off the scope and add sights if need be.
    I Love Nicki Minaj

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    An Alternate Reality, I Assure You...
    If I could ONLY take one long gun and one pistol... assuming enough ammo to go along? And these are items I already have?

    Mossberg 500 12ga 18" w/ pistol grip M4 stock & Taurus PT1911 AR .45
    Quote Originally Posted by Deanimator View Post
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