What is your Number One SHTF Gun?
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Thread: What is your Number One SHTF Gun?

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    What is your Number One SHTF Gun?

    If you had to bug out on foot or car and could take one long gun and one handgun, what would it be?

    Long Gun - Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM

    Handgun- Glock 21

    I would also have to throw my Great GrandFathers 1911 in my pack, because I promised him I would always have it with me in hard times.
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    IF we are talking what we actually have and not what we would like to have then My HK P2000 sk lem and my Bushmaster rifle.
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    12 gauge pump. T/c Contender .223 14"

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    If it's what we actually have, Smith and Wesson model 65-3 revolver. It goes bang every time.

    M&P45 would have to be the next choice it's been flawless..

    I had one but sold it (jackass), Browning BPS 12GA pump. Never had any issues with it.

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    id take me m&p .40 and moss 12g

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    The handgun on me is almost always a 9mm or a .45 and there's an SKS in the trunk.
    If I've got time to choose, either an AR or the FAL --depending on circumstances; and almost certainly one of the .45ACP 1911s
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    For me it would be one my BCW ar15s in 5.56 only because i keep a lot more .223 ammo than 6.8.
    Handgun would be my Para LTC in .45 ACP or Beretta model 96 Inox in .40 S&W.

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    I'd have to go with my M1A Scout and my XD Service 45. I'll take the XD over my 1911's just because of the magazine capacity. I chose my M1A because the 308 is a versatile round and the Scout with it's folding stock make it compact. The biggest factor is it can take out anything I shoot!
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  10. Ok flame suit on. If it is from the guns I own it would be my Ruger 10/22 with 4X scope & 28 rnd mags and my Ruger 22cal mark III. Not munch punch but I only need to carry one type of ammo and can carry lots of it. It will kill and discourage two legged types. Harvest most game up to Deer. And the ammo can be used as barter for other needed items.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Me: Warthog .45 and FAL in 7.62

    Wife: Tangfolio 9mm and 9mm carbine or AR-7 .22

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