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Um, no offense, but aren't you ALREADY in the boonies?!?

I think that you and Rick need to set up an autumn get together at Casa del Flash. Where is the nearest big airport to you?
No offense taken at all, Boomer, as I live in town. However, this being ND, you get to the edge of town and it's "the boonies". No sprawling suburbs here. Just you, some wheat fields, and the sky.

An autumn get together would definitely be a highlight! Ummm...the nearest BIG airport? Probably 350 miles from here in MNPLS. We do have Grand Forks International right here with 2, count 'em, 2, gates. If you need something a little bigger, there's always Fargo (I think they might have 3 gates there). It's a quaint place to live, that's for sure.

Having lived here almost 25 years, I'd never make it anymore in a large metro area. I sometimes gripe about being behind some slow driver and my wife has asked if I'd like to move to a town where I'd pretty much be the only car, because that can be accomodated here!

Bottom line is you end up knowing about everyone in town, from cops to thugs, all very friendly, and it seems everyone hunts and owns guns. Surprisingly, lots of bikers and riders, too. My kinda place.