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    I have plenty of neighbors i can eat if the need arises.
    That is o.k. I have plenty of ammo. If things get bad stop buy. I need the practice.
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    I live in the city--basically old 1950's suburbs.
    House is paid off and have no debt.
    Would like to get out of here but with the house paid off-- I'm close to retirement and don't want to retire in debt.
    I have 1+ years worth of food on hand
    Water stored plus water filters
    Alternative heat,cooking and lighting plus a diesel generator
    I have a garden

    I am not 100% self sufficient but trying to be as self sufficient as I can be under my circumstances.
    Depending on what the SHTF situation is and the duration of it I should be ok for a year or so.
    I'd give myself a +5

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    Im staying at home.I have friends and neighbors close by to help each other out.We have always had gardens.We have guns and thousands of rounds and food and emergency fuel and parts and water.We can hunt and fish,just a normal country boy.
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    Not too prepared I have to say. Ive got about 300 rounds of 40 S&W ammo, and roughly 2000 rounds of .22 ammo.

    Only 2 weapons so far, 1 Marlin bolt action 22, and a 40 S&W M&P
    Ive got batteries, levels 1 and 2 Military books. Ruck Sack, Body Armor, ACH and a few small water cans....
    If SHTF I am screwed sadly. Lookin into getting some long rifles
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