Survival training program for advanced skills
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Thread: Survival training program for advanced skills

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    Survival training program for advanced skills

    Is there a survival forum out there - or would someone be interested in starting one - where people could disseminate, learn and begin to apply information that would be important in a survival situation but might not necessarily relate directly to firearms?

    This could have several advantages:
    • The raw information in people's heads is the best foundation of all.
    • Knowing more about these subjects could give an idea of what to stockpile before or immediately after SHTF.
    • A group of people in a survivalist mindset who also know something about these subjects can efficiently train new recruits, more so than if they learned on their own.

    For example, AR Hammer took it upon himself to start publishing threads about electrical basics. Then there's chemistry, which could be important for making things (use your imagination) that are otherwise hard to come across. A subset of electrical, but far more complicated, is radio and wireless tech.

    And there's lots of other things that fall into this category as well - engine repair, metal and woodworking, farming, preservation and canning, martial arts, the list goes on. Even advanced math would be useful. Missiles don't aim themselves, and I don't see people with knowledge of how to apply advanced calculus walking around every day. That's a rare skill.

    This could be made into a training program with projects to complete and deadlines to meet. That could be maybe building or modifying something.

    After SHTF, I don't want to hear anyone complaining that they can't find someone to mix up a batch or build an encrypted radio network or a powerplant. Learn now!
    Silent Running, by Mike and the Mechanics

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