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    Rate Your Risk

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    Personally,I haven't seen that before.That's pretty good.Thanks for posting it.
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    Wow..I was expecting a different type of psych test. But this was still interesting. The score result said that crimminals are afraid of me. Guess I did not realize I had become that methodical and paranoid in my behavior. Opps
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    Yea, said criminals are afraid of me and that I should apply to the metro police.
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    Okay, I scored 4. I guess criminals are not afraid of me, but as it said "You are either highly cautious or a poor target." I'd say some of both :)

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    I didn't do too bad...;)

    Rate Your Risk
    Your total is -2.

    (Negative score) A minus score indicates that the criminal would be in danger FROM YOU. The greater the negative score...the greater the danger

    Rate Your Risk
    Your total is 9.

    (Less than 20)The Metropolitan Police Department is hiring. Look at our main page for hiring details if you think you qualify as a police officer

    Rate Your Risk
    Your total is 2.

    (Less than 50) This score shows a low risk of burglary.
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    Cool That was awesome

    Good tests.
    -14 robbery
    -17 murder
    -14 home invasion

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    Just took the other tests and scored 3 on the murder and 37 on the burglary. Guess I've got a few bad habits since we live in a little town in the middle of nowhere . . .

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    Just took all three tests

    33 on being robed
    -13 on murder
    -22 on burglary

    this sure gave me some things to think about, thanks for the post.

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  11. Very interesting. I took it AS I WAS when I was a businessman and did a lot of international travel, including to some pretty "hairy" places like Columbia South America, Asia, Middle East. Did lousy. Still I did it for 10 years and never had a peep of trouble. They did ask about Black Belts which I did not have but I did have Brown in two different martial arts.

    After the K.U. game I will take it again as things are now. Retired. Little travel. CCWL etc.

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