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    Besides what has already been mentioned here, I do not keep my "emergency supplies" in my backpack. That is where my laptop and camera gears are and some spare clothes (100% cotton all of them...). My emergency supplies in the car is housed in a rolling cooler pack I once bought at a Walmart store 3 years ago and it stays in the back of my car with my thermal blanket ever since.
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  3. The only way I'll ever be caught with my pants down is if I'm driving a rental. I keep a loaded military rucksack in my truck, along with a sleeping bag and pillow. There's all sorts of survival tools in the ruck, along with food to last me two weeks. I keep four gallons of water as well.

    Desert or arctic, if I'm stranded I can sit tight for a day or two. If help doesn't come, I can carry enough food and water to hike twenty or thirty miles into town.

    Why am I so prepared? Because I was once stranded in Alaska with a lot less. That taught me never to be caught off guard again.

    Great topic!

  4. The wife & I put together two pretty much identical emergency packs; one for each vehicle.

    Extra over-sized parkas, blankets & tarp,individual water bottles, two one gallon water jugs (full), fire starter kits containing, tinder & magnesium rods, a Mora sheath knife, & a small cook kit with a few cans of beans & beef stew; can be eaten cold. Also, a small shovel.

    In addition to the above, we never go out without a hat, jacket (needed or not), personal knife, & personal firearm w/reloads. Pepper spray stays with each vehicle attached below the dash; I give it a shake every time as part of the start-up procedure. I need to add compasses.

    Great topic!

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