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    A standard 6 volt lantern is chock full of aa batteries. Just pry off the top and presto instant aa bonanza

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    While that is not always true for all 6volts I have ran across it seems to hold. The same goes for small 9 volt batteries. They have a bunch of AAA batteries in them. There is also the small IR/CR type batteries that are about an inch tall. (Can't remember the name). But those little guys hold a bunch of watch batteries. I was flying between Peking and Changsha china once when my battery failed on my watch. Amazing, I had packed everything but a second watch or a windup watch. I went to the local stores and had a huge problem finding a watch battery. I eventually ran across a larger 1 inch battery and tore it apart. WaLA, I found a bunch of watch batteries. Always something to think about when in a pinch. :taz:
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    Living on the east coast, I usualy keep batteries on hand, But the info could come in handy TY..
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