Another thought is to get yourself a remote cabin in the woods as a second property and stock it well. One with a concealed basement and it's own water source be it natural spring or well. The develope a plan to get there in a hurry taking minimum carry items with you when you do bug out

28 Ft Class C motor home. Self contained, Water, Gas, Genny, Stove, Microwave, Fridge, Sound System, Solar Collected 12 volt system, Hot Water Heater, Furnace, A/C, Toilet, Shower, and oh yeah I almost forgot a big comfy bed

Thanks for all the imput. The above ideas by festus and toreshka are both things I have thought about and would like to do if money and time allows. The stocking of more food, ammo, meds, water etc. is something needed and I am working on.