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Thread: Good book: PATRIOTS by James Wesley, Rawles

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    Anyone read the book "Lights Out". I hear they are making a movie about this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EastOkHotRod View Post
    I met JWR once. It was in the men's room at a Love's truck stop in Utah. It changed my life.
    Do you need an adult? I'm unsure of how to take this information, lol.

    But seriously, did you really meet him? Is he nuts?
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  4. i read the book and liked it overall. He ascribes to the sovereign citizen movement that is pretty crazy. It is still a great read, even if you are prepared, it gets you to think about things.

  5. Another good read is the "The Union Creek Journal", look it up online, the guy is writing the book on Wordpress. It is still being added to so the story is not finished.
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    I am a Christian but I do not agree with Rawles politics. I read both books. His constant reference to military nomenclature, calculated to establish himself as knowledgeable, seemed awkward to me.

    As a group survivalist person, who has visited several new prepper groups in person and on the internet, I can only envy the luck of the group described in Patriot. There are deep schisms in almost every group that I have checked on. About half of the people are serious survivalists, trying to learn all they can, find a like minded group to join, and get on with it.
    The other half of Preppers are hobbyists, playing with survivalist skills and quick to say, "lets not be paranoid. Obama is doing a good job. We should work closely with FEMA and the FBI. etc."
    Being in the first group, I perceive the second group as the type of people who got us into this mess and if they survive, we will be forever enslaved.

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