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Thread: Thoughts on a "Bug-Out" Carbine

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    Thoughts on a "Bug-Out" Carbine-ar15-moe-fde...jpg

    Carry plenty of ammo in a good chest rig...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Quote Originally Posted by plainshunter View Post
    for me, I'm going with a Hi-Point carbine in .40 S&W to match my G27. Only 1 caliber of ammo to worry about. it may not have the range of an AR, but really, how much long range shooting does one expect to do.
    Along the same vein I was going to get the hipoint 45 carbine but they are back ordered, so I got a great deal on a used .40 cal with both the pistol AND carbine. The pistol fits nicely in my Tactical vest as a back up to the carbine. Not only are they the same caliber, they have interchangeable magazines. A little custom work and they are both shooting great. Anyhow, kudos on the realizing that the caliber commonality is a big plus.

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    While the Pistol caliber carbines having been making their way back into the market in the last few years. They were not as popular back 20 years ago. In my collection I have the Colt 1911 to go along with my Marlin Camp 45. Both take the same magazine as well and the Marlin has an old redfield scope zeroed out to 75 yards. I also love my S&W 586 to go with Marlin 1894c scoped out to 100yards. In the case of emergency each one will do what I am looking for knowing the limitations and both very capable of taking down deer and smaller prey. I prefer the look of older carbines versus the newer models ( just my preference). On the look out for a Ruger pc40 to match up to my G27.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinnacle Safety View Post
    If not carrying too much is a issue kel tec sub 2000 is the solution takes pistol mags shoots 9 40 or 45 and folds in half for easy carry
    I was with you up until that part where you said it shoots 45. THAT, I have yet to see. :)
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