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Thread: What is in your BOB or Vest?

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    what does it weigh?????
    I was thinking a tractor trailer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wooddoctor View Post
    I was thinking a tractor trailer!
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    My BOB and Vest carries everything i will need to survive with for 1 week, can be stretched out to 10 days. If I need to carry more then 10 days worth, then it is a major break down in civilization and I will start to plan for the long term by assessing my needs and depending on what the situation is, What my actions will be to accomplish those goals. Now where i live it is pretty remote and off the main roads. So I can hold for awhile in my house, before i would actually need to bug out into the wild.

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    Shows that I really need to go to the GS this week and get a GOOD back pack! Start to slowly put it together. I have some stuff handy and ready to go, but not that much stuff.
    Good list to work from!

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  7. Ok, You got me there, I will take one of them any day.
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    Added my Kel-Tec SU16B to the bag recently. Also made another BOB, this one is little smaller but it'll work for now. Oh yeah, added my Llama .380acp and Arcus 98DAC 9mm with 3 mags and 50 loose rounds each to the bags for last resort weapons.

    Need to build up the bags in the vehicles now, they have a little bit in them already but could use some reinforcement.
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    Everything. It's an XL ALICE pack, anybody remember those? LOL. It weighs a ton, but once its on its good to go and is only going to get lighter.

  10. I have a GHB in my vehicle (and a similar one in my wife's van) which is my main bag.

    It's long:
    Emergency Devices
    Small Multi-tool
    One pair of lightweight gloves
    20’ – 550 parachute cord
    10x25 Binoculars
    Hearing protection (ear plugs)
    Eye protection (tinted for use as sunglasses and/or clear lenses)
    Large folding knife (4" blade) and/or fixed blade knife
    $20.00 (20 x $1.00)
    Extra mag for handgun (if you choose)
    Duct tape around one of the water bottles
    Wire saw with rings
    Wet Wipes (small, travel size)
    Radio (battery or crank type)
    Small hand shovel, folding (U-Dig-It type)
    SAS survival guide (for family members/spouse who is not as knowledgeable as they should be)

    2 – LED flashlights (with flashlights - two is one, one is none)
    Extra batteries (2 x AA)
    2 – Lighters
    5 – Vaseline coated cotton balls in Ziploc bag
    Flint and magnesium fire starter and/or lifeboat matches

    Signal mirror
    Emergency Whistle
    Signal strobe light (w/ extra battery)

    Mylar lined survival sleeping bag/blanket
    Chapstick with SPF protection
    Poncho/rain jacket & pants
    Insect repellent

    Canteen type cup
    1 pack of coast guard rations (recommended) or 3-4 energy bars
    5 – Drink mixes
    2-liters of water (2 x 1-liter bottles)
    Potable aqua tablets/water filter

    First aid kit including:
    Some band aids
    Ibuprofen & Tylenol (small bottle)
    Benadryl tablets (or other antihistamine)
    Pressure bandage
    Hand Sanitizer
    Super Glue

    Direction finding
    1-2 Compasses (two is one, one is none)
    Local map

    Toilet paper (1/2 roll)

    I also keep a Kel Tec Sub2000 with a 17rnd and 33rnd Glock magazine in a waterproof bag in the backpack.

    I'm using the LA Police Gear 3-day backpack in the clearance section that is only $30. It is an AMAZING bag for the price!


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    That is a great and very complete list.

    Glad to see you prepped well in advance!!!!!

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