For as long as I can remember MREs came with nasty little hard candies called charms. The S.A.S. also issues nasty little hard candies to its operators (apparently they hate the green ones). There is a reason for this. The nasty little hard candies provide a quick sugar pick me up. The prevent you from getting cotton mouth. Some actually have vitamin C in them.

The vitamin C candies offer the most. They prevent scurvy, boost the immune system, and help prevent malnutrition.

The candies are meant to be sucked not crunched. It is a psychological pick me up as well. "Things aren't as bad as they seem...I have a piece of candy!"

It is a small something but it is something.

I am adding the hard candy vitamin C drops to my escape and evasion plans and preps in addition to the charms already in the MREs. (BOB/VEST) Vehicle etc.

What do you guys think?